Sensors gassed "GAZEX"

sensors gassed

Sensors gassed "GAZEX" ( Gazeks ) : high quality at a reasonable price.

Ltd. " Stamar - Crocus" for more than twenty years developing projects and supplies stationary and portable gas concentration sensor brand GAZEX, which are designed to control and timely signaling of various explosive concentrations of flammable gases or vapors , the maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances .

In the nomenclature of gas concentration sensors manufactured by GAZEX there are more than 1000 different versions. Sensors gassed GAZEX registered in the State Register of Ukraine , and have all the necessary certificates , as well as a certificate of explosion protection. " Stamar -Krokus " sells gas concentration sensors on the territory of Ukraine . To buy a gas concentration sensor GAZEX, you only need to phone our manager on one of the contact numbers in the header or use the online services of our consultants.

The main products offered by our company are stationary or portable gas concentration sensors GAZEX:

- Control and signaling explosive concentrations of various kinds of flammable gases and vapors present , such as hydrogen, natural (methane , propane ) gas , various hydrocarbon gases, vapors, oil , alcohols, and other efirovyh .

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- For controlling and signaling the maximum allowable concentrations of various harmful substances , such as ammonia NH3, chlorine Cl, hydrogen sulfide H2S, carbon monoxide CO, oxygen O2 , carbon dioxide CO2, sulfur dioxide SO2, nitrogen oxide, NO, nitrogen dioxide NO2 and direct .

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- For the determination of the flue gas

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- Gas concentration sensors ( gas leak detectors )

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In the online store Ltd. " Stamar -Krokus " You can find an impressive number of options for constructive feedback devices gassed :

- Stationary gas concentration sensor : wall or panel version with various sample collection ;

- Portable gas concentration sensor : one-piece or multi-component ;

- Individual gas concentration sensor : with built-in or external ( on the bar ) sensor with a micropump or not ;

that makes effective use of sensors gassed in solving various problems.

Ltd. " Stamar -Krokus " provides a fast and quality service regardless of the warranty period , we provide services for the design and installation work .