Shower channels HL, channels for the soul of HL HUTTERER & LECHNER GMBH

New product for your shower - shower channel HL Hutterer & Lechner GmbH ( linear drainage )

▲ Shower channel has a high capacity : 0.8 liters / sec

▲ lowest height channel structure for the soul : 108 mm

▲ Joint release ensures easy installation of the shower produced by the channel to the sewer pipe

▲ If you need cleaning - siphon can be easily removed and with the same ease it back into place.

▲ Elegant channel for the soul of stainless steel having a depth of 40 mm

▲ The mounting surfaces capita channels have a special coating provides a reliable connection with waterproofing

▲ Zvuopoglaschayuschie adjustable screws

▲ Available load per channel up to 300 kg

Completeness: HL InLine showers channels have a length from 600 to 1300mm , Channels shower HL Hutterer & Lechner GmbH InLine up to 2000mm can be made on the basis of a preliminary zakaza.Po request, walk- HL channel can be equipped with two siphons .

Data & Facts about the channel for the soul of HL Hutterer & Lechner GmbH

▲ Maximum capacity - 0.8 l / s

▲ Issue DN50, horizontal with ball joint

▲ Grille material capita channel HL: stainless steel

▲ Material capita channel HL: stainless steel

▲ Materials and siphon housing ladder HL: PP ( polypropylene) , high impact resistance

▲ Height of seal water 50 mm

Drain is what is not said and what is done ... This is what seems to be invisible, but diverts water because of the great solutions " invisible " of the flow shower trays HL new series inLine. By art we mean a special thinned elegance and design of your bathroom or shower room, where every detail has to be a luxury of the plumbing and drainage before . Therefore the showers HL inLine channels are available in 2 versions. Shower channel HL 50W - it's a corner shower channel , mounted in the floor of contact with the wall. Such a channel for the soul not only looks great, but also provides protection against leaks in the walls and ground floor shower room . Another obvious advantage is the ease of the process of the gravity layer , ie gradient produced across the floor to a shower cubicle wall. In addition , walk- HL channel has a high capacity - 0.8 l / s, which ensures rapid removal of a large volume of water. The same bandwidth , and provides walk- channel HL 50F. This channel shower , typically mounted on the shower enclosure boundary . Due to this , the rest of your bathroom is dry, not even looking at the ultra-high performance of the entire shower unit. When selecting the type of shower channel HL , you can select three different versions of the stainless grille. So grille channel for the soul in the performance of " Design" , which is made of high quality stainless steel and has a matte finish looks like, according to some customers , prettier than , for example , the grid for the shower channel HL in standard series (" STANDARD ") consisting of polished stainless steel. Grate channels for soul "individual" includes a sticker mosaic tiles , which makes this a unique grille and unique instance ! Another advantage of the shower channel HL inLine is that the drainage system is made extremely quiet, which is provided with special noise absorbing rubber seals .

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